ZACK & ZOEY CROC PET CARRIER  – As you are packing your bags, feel free to pack your pet’s as well. Whatever mode of transportation you’re taking, you’ll both be particularly well prepared with these tips from Bark Avenue by Cucciolini.

PET CARRIER-Carry your dog everywhere in style with this dog handbag. This designer ZACK & ZOEY CROC PET CARRIER creates a statement by showing off a faux-crocodile texture and a rhinestone-studded bone charm. Perfect for a day out with your pup, this carrier contains many storage pockets as well as top and side vents for ventilation.

One of our most popular carriers, the Zack & Zoey Croco Pet Carrier features embossed crocodile texture for fashionable, yet functional traveling.

  • Faux-crocodile look with rhinestone-studded bone charm
  • Top and side mesh grommets for ventilation
  • Removable Sherpa mat with interior clip
  • Front and side storage pockets
  • Small holds up to 15 lbs
  • Medium holds up to 20 lbs

There are different types and styles of pet carriers available on the market, according to one’s specific needs. There are special pet carriers for when traveling by airplane, car and also according to the pet’s weight and size. There are the airline pet carriers, backpack pet carriers, pet car carriers, large or small pet carriers, sherpa carriers as well as soft pet carriers.

Airline pet carriers can be used when traveling by plane for 6 hours the most. Most of the airlines allow travelers to bring their pet on board if they are comfortably accommodated into an airline-approved pet carrier. For flights that last more than 6 hours pets will safely travel by cargo, in especially designed crates. Mostly, when flying there are some specifications and requirements that airlines require in order to make sure that the pet as well as the other passengers travel safely and comfortable. The general rule is that the carrier must fit underneath the seat in the front of the owner and it must have a waterproof bottom. Also, the carrier must be as big as the pet has enough space to turn around, stand up and lie down. Most of these requirements are however met in the case of longer lasting flights. Crates that are used in cargo travel must have a metal door that is strong enough to prevent the pet bending it in any way. Also, there are the pet kennels which can be used in cargo travel and which must have attached the name of the owner, address and also a “Live Animal This Side Up” notice.

Backpack pet carriers are suitable for smaller pets and for traveling on short distances, by walking. They are also convenient for hiking, shopping, road trips or appointments to the veterinarian. Some backpack pet carriers models are airline approved so they can be safely used while traveling by plane. Backpack pet carriers are available in different sizes, colors and designs and they can be found on different websites or specialized shops. Different companies manufacture pet carriers of high-quality materials which are made of microfiber fabric and are provided with extra pockets which can be used for extra storage. Most of these pet carriers are designed for pets that do not weigh more than 10 lbs., are provided with ventilation sides and zippered sides for an easy use. The price of such products depends on the quality and the style. The cheapest backpack carriers may cost up to $50 and the ones that come with extra features such as rolls or are airline approved can reach easily $100. Some backpack carriers come with wheels which makes it possible to convert a backpack carrier into a roll along one. They have a handle that extends out and which makes pet transportation easier and simpler. They feature a well-ventilated, comfortable compartment for the pet for safe and enjoyable travel.

Pet car carriers are designed to be used when traveling by car. The car carriers for pets are also called car seats for pets. They are used for the safety of the pet and they come in various sizes, colors and designs. They are however not larger than the dimension of the seat as they must fit on it. The different car seats for pets can accommodate smaller or larger pets of up to 25 lbs. Most of the car carriers are intended for dogs of 18 lbs. and 25 lbs. The great thing about these products is that they can also be used as pet beds when used in the house. Car seats are normally made of fleece and are filled with foam for comfort.

Pet purse carriers are also available. They are especially designed for pets that do not weigh more than 12 pounds and they come in a variety of sizes, designs and colors. There are pet purse carriers made of nylon or leather and they typically have the floor reinforced for the safety of the pet. They are equipped with ventilation holes and a roll-down mesh window.

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